Branding & Graphic Design

Ensure that your brand is consistent. Colors, logo, themes, and philosophy.

Web Design & SEO

Create a modern website that translates to mobile devices, and show up early on the Google results page.

Email Marketing & Copywriting

Maximize the list of people that have already said “Yeah, I like you guys!”. Structure your messages perfectly for your target audience.

Social Media Management

Entertain your ideal customers by creating valuable content – regularly.

Ad Campaigns & Marketing

Creative and unique content to grow your business through lead generation or brand awareness. Paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Yelp & more.

Sales Funnels & Landing Pages

Dedicated web pages for your offers & ads. Sales funnels & letters to sell your products or services.

Meet the Owner

From Jacob Alexander Hess, Owner & Operator of Hess Yes Media

November 15, 2019

Vacaville, CA

Hello friend,

I’m an artist, first and foremost, and creativity is at the center of everything I do. The majority of my professional work has been in direct sales for companies like Solar City and Tesla, and non-profit organizations – namely Greenpeace and Save The Children. Completing a marketing internship and extensive education in 2019, it was time to start my career in marketing. 

In Vacaville, there are countless small businesses, and pretty much no other marketing agencies. Well, there are a few – but they’re either too narrow in what they offer, or they don’t practice what they preach. If you want to get a website made, you probably contract a web designer with an awful looking website.  

Anyway, I’m not here to talk badly about competition, but…I want to blow them out of the water, provide every marketing service you could ask for, do it better, and undercut their price. My goal is to quickly become known as the best marketing consultant in the area, and expand into a much larger agency. None of this can happen without the most important factor…you, the business owner!

For my first 3-5 clients in Solano County, I’ll be offering a comprehensive, full-service plan including web design, graphic design, photography & video, local SEO, social media management, landing page design, and paid advertising through Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and Yelp. In effect, you’ll have me as a Chief Marketing Officer for a little more than the average cost of just one of these services. I’m only offering this plan for a few businesses, so if this is something that intrigues you, I recommend you get a hold of me soon. 

For a less extensive plan, or just a few of these services, I will gladly create a custom strategy for you, and for a price that is perfect for both of us. 
I’m adding to the website daily, and very soon you’ll have access to a detailed description of each service. As well, on 8/29/19 an opt-in form will be added in which you can request a consultation. 

To schedule a free consultation and detailed strategy overview, call me on my cell phone, send me an email, or fill out the form below.



Thanks for reading, 
Jacob Alexander Hess